P15-B Balog-Balog Dam Project Set

TARLAC CITY - The National Government will start the construction of the P15.356-billion Balog-Balog Dam in time for the second and third crop planting seasons of farmers in Tarlac and neighboring provinces, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) announced.

The dam will be constructed for additional irrigation supply of Tarlac and adjacent provinces. A fish reservoir and hydro-electric power plant will also be housed in the facility.

The rock-fill dam, which is part of the second phase of the project, will be about 113.5 meters from the riverbed to the crest with water storage capacity of 625 million cubic meters.

Balog -Balog Multipurpose Project (BBMP) Manager Vicente Vicmudo said the project is expected to irrigate an additional 21,935 hectares of farmlands in the province, bringing the total irrigation service area of BBMP to 34,410 hectares.

He said a reservoir of around 150 hectares near the edifice will be utilized for tilapia production.

Vicmudo explained that once constructed and fully operated by 2016, the dam facility is projected to produce an incremental crop yield of 116.7 thousand metric tons of rice per year with an estimated value of $34.72 million and 93.55 thousand MT of tilapia per year with a net production of P506 million.

Apart from irrigation and fishery, Vicmudo said "Balog-Balog Dam will also be complemented with a hydro-electric power plant with a total installed capacity of 43.5 megawatts that can supply the present power requirements of Tarlac City or four medium-sized towns with an aggregate population of about 250,000."

The P1.608-billion power plant will be funded through the Pubic-Private Partnership of the Aquino administration.