P7B of P15B AIP for ‘Institutional Development’

THE Cebu City government is allocating close to P7 billion to institutional development and management programs including managing the South Road Properties (SRP) and aid to senior citizens, according to its 2020 Annual Investment Program.

Institutional development and management sector includes the SRP management services which have P56.4 million, scholarship programs with P235 million, aid for senior citizens with P1.2 billion, among others. In the social services sector, public safety was given the highest allocation in the amount of P1,208,365,568.

Allocation for public safety sector includes peace and order services (P268 million), local disaster risk reduction and management services (P435 million) and traffic engineering and management services (P493 million).

Culture and education programs were allocated a P121 million budget which includes sports services and youth development (P166.8 million), health (P1.8 billion), housing (P120 million) and social welfare (P280 million).

Other allocations included city agriculture (P120 million), engineering works (P2.4 million) and market services (P134.8 million).

The City also allocated P1.2 billion for the environmental sector which is spent for sanitation street lighting, parks and monuments maintenance, road center island maintenance, and environment and natural resources services.

The AIP for 2020 amounts to P15 billion. This was approved by the Cebu City Development Council last Wednesday, Oct. 9. / (JJL)