Pag-asa: Cebu will experience wet weather until Jan. 3

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CEBUANOS may welcome the new year with wet weather due to cloud formations that are bringing rainfall in the Visayas Region.

Pag-asa Visayas Weather Bureau Chief Alfredo Quiblat Jr. told SunStar Wednesday, December 29, 2021, that the "Shear Line" or Tail End of the Frontal System, is the prevailing weather system being experienced in Cebu.

Quiblat said that the rainy weather will continue until January 3, 2022, and will bring an estimated amount of rainfall in Cebu of about 40 to 70 millimeters.

The weather bureau chief added that it is possible for a gale warning to be raised on Friday, December 31, since they are seeing possible rough to very rough seas.

Quiblat said that the Shear Line can bring wind gustiness of 30 to 60 kilometers per hour and wave heights of 1.3 to 4.1 meters.

The Shear Line is the convergence of cold winds from the northeast monsoon, or locally known as "Amihan" and warm winds coming from the easterlies.

Quiblat previously mentioned that the "La Nina" phenomenon will last until April 2022, so the public should anticipate more rainfall. / IRT

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