Pain from dog bites, scratches keeps survivor awake at night

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IT WAS a close call for Jeny Rose Gomilao.

The 16-year-old from Barangay Looc in the southern town of Oslob was gathering shells on the shore around 4 p.m. Tuesday, June 8, 2021, when she was savagely attacked by two escaped rottweilers.

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She survived with several bite marks all over her body, but it could have been worse, she told Superbalita Cebu in a phone interview on Thursday, June 10.

She said the son of the owner was able to grab the first dog that attacked her.

When he saw the second dog lunge at her, he tried to catch it. He was able to get hold of the second dog, but in the process let go of the first dog, which resumed its attack on Gomilao.

According to Gomilao, he took turns grabbing the dogs, both of which took turns attacking her.

Gomilao said her nightmare finally ended when the dogs listened to their owner, Lourdes Kintanar, and calmed down.

Kintanar had been yelling for them to stop since the start of the attack.

“Unexpected kaayo man gud to, Sir. Wa ko nagdahum nga mabugnoan ko'g iro kay ang naa sa akong huna-huna ato manginhas ra gyud. Akong lawas ron sakit ug kapoy kaayo. Di ko katarung og katog tungod sa kasakit. Ang akong ulo ra akong malihok. Inig matog ko kay akong lawas di gyud nako malihuk tungod sa kasakit. Inig matog sab ko, Sir, mo flashback og kalit ang mga pang hitabo. Maura kog na trauma,” Gomilao said.

(What happened was very unexpected. I never thought I would be attacked by dogs because I was only thinking of gleaning for shellfish for our dinner. My body still aches and I’m constantly tired. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the incident because the pain is keeping me awake. I can only move my head. If I try to move other parts of my body, it’s just too painful. Then I get a flashback of the attack. I think I’ve been traumatized by the incident.)


Kintanar explained that the dogs are normally kept in a kennel. But that time, they were let out to defecate.

She said a seawall separates their property from the shore.

That afternoon, there were children outside who were very noisy. The sound must have alarmed the dogs, which prompted them to jump over the fence, she said.

As of press time, Gomilao has received P4,000 from Kintanar.

Under Republic Act 9482, or the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, the owner of the dog who refuses to offer financial assistance to the bite victim can face a fine of up to P25,000. (JDS / PJB)

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