Palace not keen on Associate Justice Carpio's alleged Makati penthouse

Malacañang is not keen on investigating the penthouse unit in Makati City, allegedly owned by Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, saying the focus now is on the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.   “The focus right now is on the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. So all those who are trying to divert our attention to Justice Carpio, if you have any ground to file against him, then do so in the House of Representatives,” Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said at a press briefing Tuesday.   He added that Carpio can very well defend himself against the allegations. “He is in a position to explain himself. Let him defend himself. Nobody is a sacred cow in the judiciary,” he said.   Reports have it that Carpio owns an 800-sqm unit atop Avignon Tower on H.V. De la Costa Street in Makati’s upscale Salcedo Village.   “If anybody has proof of that, let them produce it. What we are concerned right now is the issue on the leadership of Chief Justice Corona. We have asked him to produce his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth,” he said.   “We have asked him because on account of the properties that he allegedly owns, in spite of his 20 years of service in government. So, again, this is a simple request. We ask the Chief Justice respectfully to settle all issues on alleged hidden wealth, to produce his SALN,” he added.   Carpio, on the other hand, released a summary of his SALN to Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership.   Carpio’s net worth in 2010 was P47,269,928.          Lacierda expressed hope the Supreme Court would reverse itself and “decide to come out with their statements of assets, liabilities and net worth. It is not an unreasonable request in the light of transparency and accountability.” — VS, GMA News