Palma urges faithful to pray for Duterte in 2019

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CEBU Archbishop Jose Palma has urged the faithful to pray for the blessings they received in 2018 and for President Rodrigo Duterte.

He appealed to the public not to cheer on the chief executive’s unflattering statements.

“Naay mga yabag iyang gipanulti no (He made some unpleasant remarks)... Kon sa music pa, naay tawo mokanta og yabag, pakpakan, kay ang iyang huna-huna maayo ang iyang pagkanta, gipakpakan siya (In music, there’s a person who sings out of tune. Applaud him and he would think he is singing well because he was applauded). Paminawa lang but don’t applaud kon yabag (Just listen but don’t applaud if he is out of tune). Above all, we pray for him,” Palma told reporters after his New Year’s Eve mass held at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral last Monday, Dec. 31.

Palma said Duterte may have said ugly things about priests and the Catholic Church, but the Archdiocese of Cebu supports some of the administration’s programs, including the fight against illegal drugs.

“I do believe the grace of God will touch him and also all of us. For us, we cooperate and support in his good projects, especially drug rehabilitation,” he said.

The church-based program, Surrender to God (SuGod), is helping drug users to transform their lives. SuGod has more than 1,000 graduates who are now leading a new life.

Palma was full of gratitude in his homily. He was glad that 2018 was designated by the Catholic Church as the year of the clergy and consecrated persons.

From Aug. 20 to 24, he said the priests were convened and they were told to serve, not to be served by the faithful.

He told the parishioners to give thanks to the Blessed Virgin, who agreed to conceive the savior of mankind.

God, he said, should also be praised for His love and sending His Son, the Holy Child.

Palma urged the faithful to continue praying for peace in 2019. (FROM FMD OF SUPERBALITA CEBU / KAL)