Pampanga named one of 'Unsung Food Destinations' in the world

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Pampanga's best: (From left to right) Tocino, sisig and bamboo rice. (Photos: Getty Images)
Pampanga's best: (From left to right) Tocino, sisig and bamboo rice. (Photos: Getty Images)

The province of Pampanga, also known as the Philippines’ culinary capital, has been listed as one of Conde Nast Traveler’s (CNTraveler) “Unsung Food Destinations” in the world.

CNTraveler featured Pampanga in its must-visit global food destinations that “are unmissable for those who travel to eat.”

Along with other places in the world known for their excellent cuisines like the Valley of Vineyards in Brazil, Belize, and Virgin Islands in the United States, the renowned travel site called Pampanga one of the Philippines’ “most exciting and consistent foodie scenes,” where famous food recipes like morcon (braised meat roll), tocino (sweet cured pork), sisig (minced pork face), and buro (fermented rice prepared with sauteed shrimp) originated.

Writer Maryam Jilani, in featuring Pampanga, mentioned Spain’s influence in the province’s dishes, where they trained local Kapampangans as chefs whose craft has been passed down from generation to generation.

She also recommended visiting cities within the province such as Angeles City and San Fernando, where the annual Giant Lantern Festival is being held, and where famous restaurants such as Everybody’s Cafe and Aling Lucing’s Sisig are located.

“You can try variations of these and more in a mix of these and more in a mix of high-low spots throughout the region’s unassuming cities of Angeles City and San Fernando. Everybody’s Cafe and Aling Lucing’s Sisig are can’t-miss, no-frills joints, which you’ll want to make reservations in advance for,” Jilani writes.

Jilani also mentioned famous sweet desserts only found in the province such as the turrones de casoy and Pan de San Nicolas cookies.

“All meals should end with traditional sweets like turrones de casoy, a crunchy wafer-like treat prepared with cashew nuts, and the historian, Watching Lillian’s famous heirloom Pan de San Nicolas cookies,” she further pointed out.

CNTraveler also named the Philippines among the “40 Most Beautiful Countries in the World.”

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