Pangasinan resident stabs husband’s alleged mistress in the vagina

Coconuts Manila
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A resident of Mangaldan, Pangasinan stabbed the alleged mistress of her husband in the vagina, the local media reported yesterday, after the woman was caught having sex with the suspect’s husband.

Balitang Amianan reported that the alleged mistress and a companion arrived in the woman’s house to buy sweet potatoes from her husband, who was celebrating his birthday. The suspect left her husband to entertain the two women but was annoyed to discover that the three were drinking and celebrating the man’s birthday when she returned.

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The woman then told the women off, and the suspect thought that was the end of it after the guests left. However, the suspect noticed her husband was missing shortly after. She later found her husband and one of the guests allegedly having sex in a hut, which drove the suspect to stab the mistress repeatedly in her arms and vagina.

The suspect’s husband managed to flee from the crime scene. His wife surrendered to the police, while her victim was brought to a hospital for treatment.

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