Panglao mayor to check food prices on Virgin Island after FB post goes viral

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MAYOR Edgardo "Boy" Arcay of Panglao, Bohol will personally visit the “Virgin Island” to investigate the allegation that the food prices there are very expensive.

The mayor's move came after a woman posted on her Facebook page on Monday, August 1, 2022, that her friend's group paid a total of P26,100 for the seafood that they ordered, which included Abalone for P2,500, tinolang isda for P1,800, kinilaw'ng isda for P3,000, sinugba'ng isda for P2,500, scallops for P3,000, oyster (P3,000), squid (P2,500), lato (P800), baby squid (P1,500), sea urchin (P2,300), banana (P900), softdrinks (P1,300), and beer (P1,000).

Since then, the post went viral on social media and received various feedback, mostly negative, from netizens.

In an interview with the mayor on Monday evening, Arcay said he will find out the truth first before making a comment on the issue.

"It could be a black propaganda to harm our administration. It could also be true. That's why I want to know what is true," explained the mayor.

"We don't even know how many they have in total. How much food they ordered and the other data. That's why it's better for me to go there so I will know the truth," he added.

The woman said on her post that there were 13 people in the group who ate there.

However, another netizen contested the claim, saying there were actually 24 persons in the group who partook the foods.

The netizen added that the images posted on Facebook did not show the exact amount of food that they ordered but only leftovers.

The mayor said the group should have brought their complaint to the police or the proper authorities and not on social media.

The cost of food in beach resorts in Virgin Island and in Balicasag Island, both in Panglao, has been the subject of complaints since before Arcay became a mayor. (Ted Ayeng/TPT/Superbalita Cebu)

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