Parents celebrate first babies of 2020, born just minutes into the new decade

Emma Allan and Cameron Cunningham welcomed a baby boy just three minutes into the new decade. [SWNS]

Proud parents have celebrated the new year by welcoming some of the first babies of 2020 into the world.

Gemma Colston gave birth to a daughter as she listened to midwives counting down then cheering in the new year.

Little Phoebe arrived just a few minutes after midnight at 12.08am on New Year’s Day at University Hospital Coventry, weighing 8lbs 8oz. 

She had actually been due on 29 December, and schoolteacher Gemma and her husband Peter, both 35, never expected her to arrive so close to the turn of the decade. 

Gemma and Peter Colston with baby Phoebe. [UHCW NHS Trust / SWNS]

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Gemma, from Rugby, Warwickshire, said: “It's just fantastic and very exciting. 

“It's a big surprise. We weren't expecting her to be born until quite a long time into the New Year when I went into labour yesterday.

“But it all went quite quickly in the end.

“I heard the midwives counting down and cheering in the new year just as she was being born, so that was quite strange.

“Her due date was on the 29 December, so she is a couple of days late.

“We are just so pleased to have her here safely.”

Gemma and Peter already have four-year-old twins George and Ellie, who are due to start school later this year.

The family are “so thrilled” about their new addition and say the twins can’t wait to meet their baby sister. 

Baby Phoebe was one of the first babies of 2020, arriving at 12.08am on New Year's Day. [UHCW NHS Trust/SWNS]

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They aren’t the only new parents celebrating.

Proud first-time parents Emma Allan and dad Cameron Cunningham welcomed a little boy weighing 8lbs 5oz at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh just three minutes into the new year.

He is the earliest arrival announced in Scotland so far.

Emma and Cameron, from Port Seton, East Lothian, have not yet decided on a name for the newborn but said they were “delighted” with his arrival.

What a way to begin the decade! Congratulations to all 2020’s new parents.

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