Paris baker shares secrets behind best baguette

Are these the best French baguettes?

(SOUNDBITE) (French) BAKER AND OWNER OF PAIN PAIN BAKERY, SEBASTIEN MAUVIEUX, SAYING:"Hello, I'm Sebastien Mauvieux. I'm a baker in Paris's 18th district. I won the 'Best Baguette of Paris' in 2012. And this year, the contest for the best traditional baguette of Paris is taking place and I am joining it again.”

Location: Paris, France

Over 100 bakers from the capital will compete this year

Judges examine the bake, crumb, bubble pattern and size

The winner gets to supply baguettes for the Elysee presidential palace

MAUVIEUX SAYING (French): "The traditional baguette is additive-free. It's just wheat flour, to make bread - you have salt, yeast, water and flour. That's all. Then it's the technique that changes, depending on the person. Some will do it based on natural yeast, some will leaven it up."

"We put very little yeast and we knead the dough the night before. To have a good traditional baguette, you must give it time."

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