Paris Hilton's new super short '90s bob is downright adorable

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Photo credit: Emma McIntyre /AMA2020 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre /AMA2020 - Getty Images

You want to know what's hot? Paris Hilton's new bob hairstyle that has the kind of blowdry your teenage self (and now adult you) would be dying over.

We're used to Paris switching up her look all the time, it's almost like she has a different hairstyle for all the different business hats she wears.

There's her super long extensions for heiress, reality star Paris. Then there were those shaggy cropped years for party Paris and now this sleek mini bob for her era of global dominance.

The man behind the hair is Eduardo Ponce, who just so happens to be responsible for a lot of our favourite Paris hairstyles.

Not only is Eduardo signalling the return of the bob, but he's also teasing a return to the side parting with this look.

However, we actually spotted Paris' new look thanks to her makeup artist Adam Burrell.

Spoiler alert: If you're into soft glam you are going to be obsessed with the classic matte look he created on her.

That blending, those lashes, that ultimate nude lip combo, we haven't even mentioned the eyebrows yet which are the perfect balance of feathered and sleek.

What's a girl gotta do to get in with Paris' glam team?

I could come up with some catchphrases, admittedly they will all be recycled Simple Life ones, but c'mon they're timeless.

Fine, fine, I'll just settle for recreating this look myself, although I've never managed to master that curled under blowout, so any tips are welcome.

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