Pasig Amends CCTV Installation Ordinance

MANILA, Philippines - Efforts by the local government of Pasig City to prevent crimes from happening and further improve the peace and order situation in the city have been boosted with the recent amendment of the ordinance installing closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs).

Ordinance Number 42 Series of 2011 amends Ordinance No. 24 Series of 2007 entitled an "ordinance requiring the installation and maintenance of closed circuit cameras (CCTVs) in pawnshops, financing institution, and banks and/on their branches located in Pasig City."

The amended Ordinance No. 42 Series of 2011 mandates that the installation and maintenance of closed-circuit cameras will not only include pawnshops, financing institutions but will now also include money exchange shops, banks, malls, gasoline stations, supermarkets, 24-hour convenient stores, other private commercial business establishments and/or their respective branches located in Pasig.

Roberto A. Barretto, acting City Council Secretary, said the amendment on the provisions of Ordinance No. 24 Series of 2007 was done to make it more responsive to the needs of the citizenry. He added that lawless acts could be prevented by the presence of closed circuit television cameras operating during business hours.