Paulina Porizkova shares proud tribute to her stepson Eron: 'One of the biggest blessings in my life was becoming a stepmom'

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Paulina Porizkova shared her love for her stepson in a new Instagram post. (Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)
Paulina Porizkova shared her love for her stepson in a new Instagram post. (Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova is a proud stepmom and wants her Instagram followers to know it. The 57-year-old model celebrated her musician stepson Eron’s upcoming record with a sweet Instagram tribute that included many adorable family photos and footage of Eron performing.

“One of the biggest blessings in my life was becoming a stepmom,” Porizkova captioned her photo and video compilation.

“I met Eron when he was 12. I was 21. He once thoughtfully explained how he felt about me. ‘You’re not like a mom,’ he said. (Since he and his brother had a wonderful mom, that was not the place I needed.) ‘You’re like a… well, not friend, but…’ he thought for a moment and then exclaimed victoriously having found the right words: ‘You are like a camp counselor!’ Best compliment ever.”

“And a few weeks ago, he asked me to take some photos of him for his upcoming record. RECORD! I knew he could play the guitar well, all the Otcasek boys are musically inclined. But he would rarely do so in front of his dad. Ric cast a long shadow indeed.”

“My boys had told me Eron was working on a record and told me, ‘Mom, it’s like…really great!’ Honestly, I was scared to listen. What would I say if I didn’t like it? On my first listen, in the first minute, I felt overwhelming relief. And then joy. It was great. Not just good. Great. The record has been on my playlist ever since.”

“You can find out all about it @eronotcasek And yeah, some of those nice ‘stills’ are photographed by an extremely proud stepmom. #takebacks #eronotcasek #fallaway”

Eron thanked Porizkova for the touching tribute, writing in a post that the former model shared on her Instagram Story, "Wow!! Thank you @paulinaporizkova for this amazing shout-out!!"

The anti-ageism activist is stepmom to late Cars frontman Ric Ocasek’s children: Christopher, Eron, Derek and Adam Ocasek. Together, the couple shared children Jonathan Raven and Oliver Orion.

In 2019, Ocasek died from cardiac issues. Porizkova was the one who found him deceased.

In 2021, the former Dancing with the Stars competitor shared a thoughtful Instagram tribute to her late husband.

“It’s already been two years. It’s only been two years,” Porizkova captioned the post. “This photo is from our last vacation. Cafe Du Monde. He brought me here for many years to celebrate the day we met, May 4th 1984. We’d spend a most romantic and wonderful weekend in New Orleans. He was not a big drinker, but here, we once tried Hurricanes, the portable on the street ones, and got so inebriated we couldn’t find our way back to our romantic little Inn. So many memories. And in the 35 years of knowing each other, an overwhelming amount of them were wonderful.”

She concluded, “This is where I will park. With the twenty five years of amazing memories. My love, you know you’re missed every day.”

Porizkova had a complicated relationship with Ocasek, who cut her out of his will just one month before his death, claiming she had “abandoned” him.

In April 2021, she told Yahoo Life that time has allowed her to think differently of her late spouse’s decision.

“I think of Rick every day, sometimes angrily. But as time has gone by, I think about him with more and more tenderness,” she explained. “He made a mistake, but then he didn't live to correct it, and that's not his fault. And I'm going to choose to go with that because there's nobody to tell me any different.”

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