Peaceful observance of All Saints’ Day in Mandaue so far

THE observance of All Saints’ Day in Mandaue City has so far been peaceful and orderly as of Tuesday noon, November 1, 2022, with around 4,500 people recorded to have visited the graves of their departed loved ones.

Police Major Manuel Cabanlit, deputy for operations of the Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO), told reporters on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, that they have not received any reports of chaos or other related incidents as of 12 p.m.

Cabanlit said one of the factors that may have contributed to the peaceful observance of the All Saints’ Day was they were able to disseminate the "Dos and Don’ts" that people have to follow when visiting the cemeteries.

The guidelines were distributed two weeks before the event through the help of the City Government and barangay officials, he said.

Cabanlit also said that vendors were given designated places where they could sell their goods to avoid overcrowding.

As of 12:30 p.m., the MCPO estimated around 4,500 people went to eight of the city’s cemeteries.

Cabanlit said the crowd might reach 10,000 by Tuesday afternoon, emphasizing that people usually visit the cemeteries later in the day to avoid exposing themselves to extreme heat. (HIC)