Pelosi defends nixing McCarthy's Jan 6 committee picks

Pelosi: “We're there to seek the truth.”

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday explained why she rejected two of the five Republican lawmakers that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy named to a special committee probing the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The two that Pelosi nixed – Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio and Representative Jim banks of Indiana have pushed false claims about the 2020 presidential election and have downplayed the severity of January 6 capitol riot.

Pelosi: “They had made statements and taken actions that I think would impact the integrity of the committee, the work of the committee. This is deadly serious. This is about our Constitution. It's about our country. It is about an assault on the capital that is being mischaracterized for some reason at the expense, at the expense of finding the truth for the American people.”

Pelosi created the 13-member panel after Republicans lawmakers rejected an earlier attempt to create an independent, bipartisan commission.

Republican Liz Cheney - someone Pelosi appointed to the Jan 6 committee - told reporters Wednesday she would remain there and that she agreed with Pelosi's decision and viewed the rejected Republicans, Jordan and Banks, as unfit for the task.

“One of whom may well be a material witness to events that led to that day, that led to January 6th. The other who disqualified himself by his comments, in particular over the last 24 hours, demonstrating that he is not taking this seriously. He is not dealing with the facts of this investigation but rather viewed as a political platform. “

McCarthy, in response, pulled all five of his nominees to the committee, and accused Pelosi on Wednesday of “egregious abuse of power.”

“Pelosi has created a sham process. [FLASH] No committee in Congress will work if one person is picking all who can serve. This has never happened before.”

After rejecting a bipartisan commission and pulling out of a bipartisan committee, McCarthy vowed Republicans would conduct their own investigation into the Jan 6 attack.

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