People are praising this popular Baguio restaurant for giving its employees an extended post-holiday break

Heads up if you’re thinking of heading north to Baguio during the post-Christmas rush: popular restaurant Good Taste is closed from Jan. 2 to 11 to give its employees a much-deserved break.

Good Taste, a crowd favorite among tourists and locals alike for its bang-for-your-buck portions, earned praise for its decision to reward its staff with what is effectively a nine-day break. This follows a hectic holiday season in Baguio City, which is known to welcome hordes of tourists during Christmas each year.

According to a photo posted by user Nix Verano in the Facebook group Sa Baguio (In Baguio), employees will have a week-long vacation between January 2 to 9, while January 10 and 11 are declared as non-operational days.

“Good management and leadership at its finest. This is how it should be done so employees will feel they are important and appreciated,” one user wrote.

“Wow, their break is so long. Kudos to Good Taste! They know how to take care of their staff,” another said.

“One great example of a well-run business. Keep inspiring, Good Taste,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, others hoped that the restaurant was paying its staff during the extended break, citing the Philippines’ “no work, no pay” policy for employee wages.

“Don’t be too happy for the employees yet, you don’t know if they’re being paid during the days that they’re not being asked to come in. It’s good for those who really want rest but if this is their only source of income then it’s not good for everyone, either,” one pointed out.

In the Philippines, employers are only mandated to provide five days of leave each year, known as a service incentive leave, which applies to sick and vacation days.