Performer rides around in ‘human hamster wheel’ on the streets of Taiwan

Emerald Pellot
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A performer who goes by the name “Mr. Clown” rolls around Taiwan in a human hamster wheel. 

In a short video created by Kuma Films, the artist did stunning tricks using a German wheel — an acrobatic hoop made of two circles and six spokes.

Kuma Films’ founders, brothers Todd and Joe Robin, ventured to Taipei in 2015 in search of a German wheel performer and discovered Mr. Clown through a friend. 

The footage shows Mr. Clown maneuvering across bridges, through streets and parks on the wheel. Sometimes he would just walk (or roll) with it, but other times he would lift himself up top, turn himself completely on his head and do other 360-degree tricks. 

Mr. Clown also performs as a clown. He spent a year in Japan studying his craft. When Todd and Joe filmed him, he had only been using the wheel for a year. 

“The wheel is very heavy so once it starts moving he goes with its momentum,” Todd told the New York Daily News. “But he can stop it when he needs to when he’s on the street so he doesn’t knock into people in front or behind him.”

When Kuma Films posted the video on YouTube it went viral and now has over 1.2 million views. 

“Ah, can’t get over the momentum and grace in this skill,” one user wrote.

“Makes me happy to see that this guy is following his passion,” another said

“This video made me so happy,” someone said.

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