Personal grudge eyed in ex-councilor’s killing

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POLICE are looking at a personal grudge as a possible motive in the killing of local fraternity leader and former barangay councilor Richard Buscaino last Friday.

Police Staff Sgt. Vincent Gonzalve, investigator at the Sawang Calero Police Station, told Superbalita Cebu Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021, that they are looking at this angle right now, although he also said they believed Buscaino had not had any problems with his workers or his love life despite his being involved with a woman other than his wife before his death.

Buscaino, Central Visayas chapter president of the Alpha Kappa Rho (Akhro) fraternity, died after sustaining four gunshot wounds in the body after he was gunned down by two men on board a motorcycle on Tres de Abril St., Barangay Calamba, Cebu City on Friday, Oct. 8.

Aside from being an Akhro official, Buscaino was a businessman and a former public official.

Buscaino owned the San Fernando Funeral Homes situated near the area where he was gunned down. He was also a former councilor of Barangay Calamba.

Gonzalve said CCTV footage in the area revealed that the killers waited 10 minutes for Buscaino to arrive before peppering him with bullets as he drove toward the interior section of Barangay Labangon.

Based on CCTV footage, he said, the killers waited on Tres de Abril and A. Lopez streets in Calamba. The gunman, wearing a jacket, was seen carrying a firearm and hurriedly boarding the motorcycle after the shooting.

Gonzalve said their investigation so far revealed no threats made on Buscaino’s life, even through his cell phone.

This was not the first time, however, that Buscaino was involved in a shooting incident.

In 2018, Buscaino sought the assistance of former Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña after he received death threats through text messages. In the same year, Buscaino’s car was strafed by unidentified perpetrators while it was parked in front of his funeral parlor.

Buscaino’s family has yet to reveal more about his activities prior to his killing. (GPL)

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