Pet Kind of Love: Mochi

PET owner: Lui Miguel J. Balbuena

Pet name: Mochi

Pet breed: Mini pinscher

“She loves bananas and apples. She barks at you if she sees you eating and not sharing with her. I also have a conspiracy theory that she’s probably part-kangaroo because she hops a lot.”

What’s the best thing about your pet?

“She looks forward to seeing you every day. She’s really an affectionate baby since she cries when she sees you about to leave the house.”

What tip can you give people who want to be responsible pet owners?

“You should always think of them as your own baby and a part of your family. You have to be proactive and be hands-on, especially when it comes to their health. For me, I prefer to be the one to bathe, groom and bring her to the vet for her vaccinations.”