Pet Kind of Love: Pluto

PET owner: Adrian Bacolod Diongzon

Pet name: Pluto

Pet breed: Pluto’s dad is a shitzu

and his mom is a chihuahua

Interesting story. I got him when he was still a baby, like, a month old. His behavior then was very behaved. No barking. So when he barked, it made me very happy. It reminded me that I have an actual dog! He wakes me up. He wants to play. He likes being cuddled like a baby. Every 3 a.m., he looks at a tree outside my window and sometimes follows something from one window to the next, as if he was playing with another dog. It was a little scary but I got used to it already.

Best thing about your pet:

He is well-trained and neat. Since his name is Pluto, his first toy was a stuffed toy (Mickey Mouse)! Even if I buy him new toys, he plays with them but still goes back to playing with Mickey Mouse.

Tips for other pet owners:

It is not easy to become a fur parent. Before you own a pet, you have to make sure you are ready. It becomes a little expensive at times.