PFA Eyes More Franchisable Products

The Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is planning a program that would make some one-town one-product [OTOP] items with competitive advantages franchisable.

PFA Chairman Samie Lim said the PFA is eyeing to cluster certain products together and tap an expert to create a franchise program for these goods.

Lim identified some of the OTOP products with promising potential, including fruits and delicacies from Bicol region and many variations of lechon.

OTOP is a priority program of the government to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs. Local officials take the lead in identifying, developing and promoting a specific product or service, which has a competitive advantage.

Lim also expressed optimism about the continuing growth prospects of the Philippine franchising sector.

"We will be very happy if we could maintain a 30-percent growth. We are about 35 percent of the total retail business," he noted.

Lim said franchisors operating internationally see the country's huge potential in franchising, describing it as "the market that have to be introduced to Asia."

"There is already a ready market not only for food but for the retail stores and even the services where they can be very successful, Lim added.