PH taekwondo takes classes, events online

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THE Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) will try to revolutionize the landscape of the sports in the country by kicking off an online program that will keep the national taekwondo scene alive despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The PTA has devised an online program that starts with nationwide online classes, online belt promotion and an online national poomsae (forms) tournament.

“Covid-19 may be debilitating but we will not allow it to keep us down. We will fight as one. We will never stop, and we will survive this. The online classes are just the first step,” PTA Region 7 chairman Tony del Prado told SunStar Cebu.

In Region 7, a total of 19 instructors will be holding online classes and over 40 jins have already signed up.

“We expect more to go online in the coming days and weeks. There is a lot of potential in online classes and we have barely scratched the surface,” said del Prado. In connection with the online classes, we conducted just last week a webinar for instructors. Poomsae Training Director Igor Mella conducted the seminar focusing mainly on the best practices of online teaching.”

Following the online classes, the students of the online classes get a chance to be promoted.

“After completing the module, the student may take the online belt promotion conducted by the instructor,” said del Prado. “The promotion was designed by the PTA and it is the same for all regions for each belt level.”

The program culminates with the Online Poomsae Taekwondo Championships on May 31, when all the students from the online classes and the national team players get a chance to participate.

“Each step supports the next. By launching online classes, both the instructor and student’s objective is to train to compete in the Online Poomsae Taekwondo Championships slated on May 31. This competition is national in scope with participants from all over the country. This is patterned after the 1st Online Daedo Poomsae Championships held earlier this month where the Philippines captured three gold medals. It’s not just competing , the instructors also follow a module for each belt level that was designed by the Philippine Taekwondo Association,” said del Prado.

The PTA painstakingly developed this program and the association hopes that other NSAs follow their lead.

“This has kept us busy in the past weeks. Organizing, motivating and guiding the instructors and convincing them that we could do it,” said del Prado. “This online tournament is a first in the country. We are confident of its success. Hopefully, other sports will follow suit.” (EKA)