Philippine 'comfort women' demanding justice, apology from Japan

Lila Pilipina is an organization of World War II victims of sexual war crimes that was established in 1994 to help 'comfort women' fight for compensation.

However, instead of apologising, the Japanese government has been thwarting the protests of the victims in every way while attempting to revise domestic historical textbooks on their role in the war.

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Video Transcript


SHARON SILVA: All their experiences were horrible. It's-- well, for instance, in the case of Lola Estilita, she was a young girl of 13. Unfortunately, she was caught by a Japanese soldier. And so she was brought to this house in Negros, where she became a comfort women. There was the-- there's the case also of Lola Narcisa Claveria who witnessed the massacre of her family right before her eyes, before she and two other sisters were taken to a garrison.

It was a war that would traumatize them forever and would also traumatize the families that would come after them. Some had to hide their experiences in their trauma. It was a very difficult situation. Many of them never really got out of poverty. They demand justice. First and foremost, an apology from the Japanese government. They demand that the young be taught about this issue in schools and in historical textbooks.


SHARON SILVA: We've met Japanese youth who had a very, very different conception of Japan's role in World War II, and even at the present. And so we are really actually bothered by these efforts by the right wing and by the Japanese government itself to revise history.

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