Philippine consulate urges US mayor to bring justice for killed Filipino lawyer

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John Albert Laylo. (Source: Student Recruitment Office at Central European University). Philippine consulate
Philippine Consulate General Elmer Cato met with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to request for justice for shooting victim Filipino lawyer John Albert Laylo. (Source: Student Recruitment Office at Central European University)

Philippine Consulate General Elmer Cato and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney met as the former requested for justice on behalf of the family of John Albert Laylo – a Filipino lawyer that was killed on Saturday (June 18) in what a local report says could be a case of mistaken identity.

“We're basically to convey the family's request for justice. So we requested to meet with the mayor and the police commissioner and they'll be receiving us today," Cato said on Tuesday.

Cato is hopeful that Philadelphia officials will do everything in their power to bring justice for Laylo and his family. As of now, the perpetrator remains at large.

"It's really, very unfortunate for John and his mother to go through this and we hope that authorities would do everything they could to get the suspect and bring him to justice,” he said. “That's the message we want to convey to the leadership of the city."

Kenney commented that the local community was “very upset” about the killing of the young lawyer.

“... you don't expect to go on vacation and not come home,” Kenney said.

The Filipino American Association of Philadelphia conducted a candlelight vigil at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in support of Laylo’s family, who is still in shock after the senseless killing of their kin.

"None of us knew John Albert Laylo, but it was incredibly senseless based on the huge issue of gun violence in the city," vigil attendee David Zisser said.

John Albert Laylo was shot in the early morning of June 18 in his Uber ride to the Philadelphia airport. Authorities suspect that the perpetrator, who rode a Nissan, targeted the wrong Cadillac, since there were two of them at the scene.

Laylo’s remains will be brought back to the Philippines next week.

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