Philippine woman shocked after seeing alleged 'pervert filming her legs on bus'

A woman claims she caught a pervert filming her legs because he forgot to turn off the flash on his phone.

Janine Badillo was riding a bus on her way home in Laguna, the Philippines, when she noticed the man sitting opposite her behaving suspiciously.

He appeared to be texting but then the light on the camera illuminated, indicating that he was actually filming her. Most smartphones have an option to record video with the flash on while in low-light situations.

Janine said: "Please beware of this guy. I know for sure he's filming because the flash does not blink."

The woman recorded the alleged pervert and posted the video on social media. She said she had not contacted the police.

Janine added: ''I want other people to know about it so he doesn't do it again. He was filming my legs and he thought that nobody could see.''