Philippines' kare-kare ranked among best stews in the world on Taste Atlas

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A pot of Kare-kare, a Philippines Filipino food cuisine stew dish. (Photo: Pixabay)
Kare-kare, a Filipino stew dish. (Photo: Pixabay)

The Philippines' beloved kare-kare made it to online food guide Taste Atlas's ranking of the 100 best stews in the world, as rated by the website's users.

At the time of Taste Atlas' post on August 24, the Filipino stew dish was ranked as the 53rd best-rated stew in the world.

Kare-kare is described by Taste Atlas as “a traditional Filipino stew consisting of meat such as tripe, pork leg, ox tail, goat or chicken, vegetables, and a thick, savory peanut sauce flavored with annatto seeds.”

"Some believe that kare-kare has origins in the Pampanga region, while others claim that the name of the dish is derived from the Indian word curry, and that it was introduced to the Philippines by Indians from the Rizal province," Taste Atlas added.

 A kare-kare recipe by Taste Atlas.
A kare-kare recipe by Taste Atlas.

However, Taste Atlas's ratings are submitted by its website users, and the score for each dish continually changes as individual users submit their scores.

As of this article's publication, kare-kare's ranking had risen a couple of places to No. 51, although its score remained the same at 4.3 out of a maximum of 5 stars.

A couple of netizens commented under Taste Atlas' recipe saying that it did not feature peanuts or peanut butter.

However, a user pointed out that the featured recipe was a variation of kare-kare; it did include peanuts, but in the form of soaked rice blended with peanut puree.

Netizens commenting on the use of peanuts in Taste Atlas' kare-kare recipe.
Netizens commenting on the use of peanuts in Taste Atlas' kare-kare recipe.

Filipino food has previously made it to among the tastiest dishes featured by Taste Atlas, which features reviews of popular foods among global cuisines.

Sinigang was titled the Best Soup in the World by the 2021 Taste Atlas Awards, while lumpia ranked second in the side dish category.

In a recent ranking of egg dishes around the world, tortang talong was temporarily the best-rated egg dish in the world, although balut had the dubious honor of being the worst rated egg dish.

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