Philippines has ‘mediocre,’ one of the ‘least affordable’ internet connections in the world: study

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Considering the Philippines is known as the world’s “social media capital,” we sure do put up with pricey and mediocre internet connections.

The country was listed 98th out of 117 countries in terms of internet affordability according to cyber-service company SurfShark’s Digital Quality of Life Index 2022. The study found that means Filipinos have to work an average of 11 hours and five minutes to afford fixed broadband speeds,

In its report, SurfShark wrote, “…The Philippines’ weakest spot is internet affordability, which needs to improve by 4300% to match the best-ranking country’s result (Israel’s).”

The study noted that when it comes to mobile internet, people in the Philippines can buy 1GB for [the equivalent of] four minutes and 51 seconds of work each month, which is 21 percent higher than Indonesia.

On the other hand, people in Israel only need to work 5 seconds for 1GB, meaning Filipinos have to work 59 times more.

The Philippines also ranked 45th in internet quality — which measures speed, stability, and growth — and is “comparatively mediocre,” noting that it is around the same as the global average.

In terms of the index’s overall digital well-being rankings, our country was named 55th out of 117 countries around the world, and 14th out of 34 countries in Asia. The well-being score takes into account internet quality and affordability as well as other measures including electronic infrastructure and security.