Philippines: Mindoro residents find thousands of fish near shoreline, witness unusual low tide

(Source: Rhoma Rabino Baliña/Facebook)

Mindoro [Philippines], Jan 14 (ANI): People in the province of Mindoro noticed something unusual on Monday as several thousand fish were found scattered along the beach shore after an unusual receding of seawater.

According to CNN Philippines, the water level was so low that much of the coral reefs could be seen.

Locals said that it was the first time that thousands of live and dead fish were seen along the shoreline following the low levels of water.

Some residents speculate that the unusually low tide is connected to the present situation of Taal Volcano, while others believe that it could also be a sign of a tsunami.

Taal is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines and is located on Luzon island.

On January 12, hot ash and gas spewed from the volcano which covered the sky.

A 'weak' lava fountain accompanied by thunder and flashes of lightning erupted from the active Taal Volcano here on Monday. This signifies that lava has reached the surface of the volcano. (ANI)