The Philippines’ Next Top… YouTube Sensation

MANILA, Philippines - Filipinos have time and again proven that no platform will be left unconquered in terms of showcasing their one-of-a-kind talents. The web, being the most accessible of all platforms nowadays, has been the breeding ground for so many fresh talents waiting to be discovered and honed.

Just like Internet singing sensation Zendee Rose "Random Girl" Tenerefe, who seemed to have followed international star Charice's footsteps as a guest on the "Ellen" show and hopefully into a successful recording career, albeit a local one, she also had YouTube as a stepping-stone.

While Pinoys have been known for being brilliant singers around the globe, we can shine not only behind the mic but also behind the lens as remarkable performers with impeccable wits just like Petra Mahalimuyak, Bogart the Explorer and Jem Mark Andrada.

Petra Mahalimuyak

She can dance, act, sing, crack hilarious jokes, and she probably has the thickest Filipino accent you'll ever hear from any lady on YouTube. She is Petra or the English-speaking Ashley Rivera in real life.

Ashley has done several funny self-help videos, from dancing in a club to being a "conyo," which she defined as "people who seem to be high-class and vain or conscious about their social status and speak in Taglish."

Complete with fabulous costumes and pounding background music, Ashley had also ventured into spoofing box office films like "No Other Woman," "One More Chance," "The Mistress" and most recently "A Secret Affair," of which she happens to be part of the cast.

What merely started out as an act to ease out her boredom while still in Las Vegas, her onscreen shenanigans eventually launched her to become a full-fledged Internet sensation. In fact, as of this writing, the Filipino-American Kapatid talent has a whopping 13 million channel views, 67,000 subscribers and thousands of passionate comments on her YouTube channel.

Bogart the Explorer

To rival the adventurous and rad hosts of international channels like Discovery Channel or National Geographic, Filipinos have Bogart the Explorer, the self-styled "Australian-accented explorer from Land Down Under (Davao City) who goes out and tags all Filipino species for scientific purposes."

A member of the stand-up comic group Front Ack/ Hecklines, the Giniling Festival drummer-turned-YouTube sensation's name was a spin from the outgoing cartoon character Dora the Explorer.

Bogart, or Marco Ho in real life, is the culprit behind parody shorts about a taong grasa, the Filipino snatchers and the Philippine Epaloid, among others. He is also a big reason why the Front Act/Hecklines YouTube account, where his videos are uploaded, has more than 3.5 million channel views to date.

Jem Mark Andrada

United Arab Emirates Filipino flight attendant Jem Mark Andrada certainly did not imagine that out of all the videos he has done, a "how to dance" video would launch him to internet stardom

According to an interview with Gulf News two months ago, it took Jem a good two hours to perfect the video. One hour of which went to the conceptualization, 20 minutes to the shooting, and 45 minutes to editing.

The viral dance video was uploaded on May 21 and showed Jem demonstrating different club moves to the tune of the 2011 hit "Give Me Everything" by rapper Pitbull. The moves shown on the clip were the side to side, the chicken, the fist pump, and the virgin, to name a few. Almost six months later, the video has raked him some 14,000 subscribers, 5.8 million channel views, and the video alone has amassed a staggering 2.5 million hits.