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Seventeen performed their hit songs ‘Adore U’, ‘Manse’ and ‘Boom Boom’

Seventeen performed their hit songs ‘Adore U’, ‘Manse’ and ‘Boom Boom’

PHOTOS: Seventeen shines brighter than a diamond at first Singapore concert

It has been over a year since K-pop boyband Seventeen graced our shores. This time, the 13 boys are back with a full-scale concert, DIAMOND EDGE, showing Singapore Carats (the name of Seventeen’s fans) how much they have grown both musically and performance-wise.

Candy coloured princes

Opening the concert with their hit “Pretty U”, Seventeen burst onto the stage in suits as colourful as their personalities. Known for their fresh and vibrant dances, the members dazzled the crowd with songs like “Adore U”, “Manse” and “Boom Boom”.

Unit team stages

The group is known for having three different “sub-units” with different areas of specialisations: a hip-hop team, performance team and vocal team. In addition to performing as a full group, the members also performed with their respective units.

Hip-hop team members Vernon and Min-gyu came onstage to play a short game in which they had to compete to see who could go the longest without blinking. Min-gyu lost the challenge and had to perform a short “ageyo (acting cute)” segment as a penalty, much to the delight of the audience.

With the unit performances, Seventeen were able to exhibit their versatility. The performance team staged powerful dance items such as “Highlight”, the vocal team charmed with ballads like “Don’t Listen In Secret”, while the hip-hop team was oozing with swag, performing tracks like “Check-In”.

Fiery hot

Things started to heat up when the boys came back dressed in flaming red shirts and black pants. With stages like “Crazy In love” and “Rock”, the audience cheered as the members flaunted sexy dance moves, such as subtle hip thrusts.

However, it was their latest single “Don’t Wanna Cry” that really displayed the group’s potential in musicality. With elements of modern dance and impressive line formation, this mid-tempo track differs from Seventeen’s usually chirpy songs.

Growing Seventeen

During their final speech, Seung-kwan made an effort to convey his thanks in English before continuing in Korean, “It is such an honour to come back to Singapore and I had such great memories from last year as well.”

Joshua added in English, “When we have a concert in Singapore next time, I hope to see all of you again.” In which the fans replied with a resounding, “Yes!”

Needless to say, Singapore Carats can look forward to bigger and better stages by the 13 members in future.

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