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Naples, Italy

Italians will be quick to agree that has the most beautiful metro stations in the country. Thanks to Metro Napoli's "Art Stations," visitors can gape at large-scale work by top designers and artists like Anish Kappor and Karim Rashid. The most famous station is Toledo Metro Station with its water- and light-themed art by Oscar Tusquet Blanca.

20 Coolest Subway Stations Around the World

Most of the time, subway riders are more concerned with getting to their destinations than in observing the station around them. But these 20 subway stations around the globe—from Chile to North Korea—are worth a second look for their public displays of art and architecture. Beyond their literal ability to transport, these stations take us to various times and places with their classical and modern architecture, and visually dynamic murals and paintings. We rounded up our favorite 20 subway stations for a new perspective on the underground commute.

By Jimmy Im