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Sensor Array Module-controlled Robotic Arm

Sensor Array Module-controlled Robotic Arm

We've seen robotic limbs in the past, but not quite like this. Developed in-house by FEU-East Asia College, this fully functional robot-arm-slash-gripper is controlled by—get this—hand gestures, prompting a Pacific Rim reference from us.
Of course, the purpose of the technology behind it isn't so we can build giant arms to throw power punches at giant aliens but to increase productivity and efficiency in the local manufacturing sector with less manpower.

7 of the promising innovations at DOST’s Expo Science 2013

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The Expo Science 2013 is a celebration of homemade and locally relevant "smart" technologies and services developed by and those with assistance from the Department of Science and Technology.

The Philippine government pins its hopes on events like this to ultimately stimulate national development.

Held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the five-day affair marks this year's National Science and Technology Week. According to DOST, it's proof that local technologies work and can be depended upon by Filipinos.

Take a look at some of the promising science and technology solutions showcased at the expo. - UPDATED

(For more information about the participants, visit http://nstw.dost.gov.ph/nstw2013 or http://www.science.ph or call (632) 837-2932.)

By Alora Uy Guerrero