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Fotos de Hugo Chavez

In this photo released by Miraflores Press Office, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, left, kisses the hand of British top model Naomi Campbell during a ceremony in which several Venezuelan women, considered 'Heroes of the Revolution' will be decorated, including Hugo Chavez's daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez, in Caracas, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007. (AP Photo/Miraflores Press Office) ** NO SALES **

Hugo Chavez: The women in his life

Several women have featured large in the life of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, from his mother, Helena Frias, to his two wives Nancy Colmenares and Marisabel Rodriguez to his various alleged mistresses. His three daughters, Rosa Virginia, María Gabriela and Rosines, have been called Chavez's guardian angels during his illness, and were by his bedside until the very end. (Fuente, ABC)