Drumroll... the best beach destinations in the world

By Laura Begley Bloom

We love a beautiful beach, so we took note when we heard about the just-launched
Global Beachfront Awards, dreamed up by The Beachfront Club, a website that tracks hotels on the beach around the globe. And the winner is… Thailand!

The top-ranked Southeast Asian country swept the first-annual awards, thanks to its incredible number of "true" beachfront properties, which — by the criteria of the Beachfront Club — includes only those hotels directly on a beach or oceanfront with no road or traffic between the rooms and the water.

So just how many properties does Thailand have on the beach? A whopping 1,250 hotels and resorts. For Thiland, this win comes on the heels of being named one of the top 10 most visited countries by the Nations World Tourism Organization (WTO). And it’s good news for a country that has witnessed upheaval in recent years.

To find out who made the rest of the list, keep on reading. We just have one question: how does a country catch up in these awards without massive construction?

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