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Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Not cranes, not storks, these large grey birds are herons. Note the long, fish-spearing beak. It was early in the morning as we sailed down the Zuari and spotted this Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) on the river banks.

Photo: Lakshmi Sharath

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Goa, strictly for the birds

To most people Goa is a land of beaches, great food and the good life. But towards the Western Ghats that border its eastern limits, Goa is a birder’s paradise. Dense forests, river beds, and mangrove forests along the many backwaters and streams are flocked by several winged species – some endemic, a few migratory but most are residents. LAKSHMI SHARATH spent a week in Goa roaming around the forests and gazing at the rivers. At all times, she was greeted by several bright and beautiful birds