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New and Notable: 10 High-Tech Gadgets to Make Housework Less Work

iRobot is without a doubt the leader in the automation of home tasks. Their latest autonomous vacuum, the Roomba 880, is yet another improvement on that persistent little disc that zooms all over your house sucking up dirt from the floors. The new model uses a HEPA filter (as does the earlier 700 series) and superstrong suction that can help free your home from allergens. Like all Roombas, the 880 returns to its dock when it needs a recharge.

New and notable: 10 high-tech gadgets to make housework less work

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Remember Rosie, the congenial (if sometimes hysterical) robot that flitted around the Jetsons' apartment in the sky, keeping things neat and tidy? When the cartoon first aired, in the 1960s, a robot housekeeper seemed as far-fetched as a TV that didn’t take up a quarter of the room or a giant interconnected web of information that we could access on phones thinner than a Mad Libs pad. Now that the technology of automation has become more advanced, we’re finding that machines can indeed help us around the house, making life easier and giving us more time to watch old reruns of "The Jetsons" on YouTube! If you'd like a little more screen time, check out our 10 favorite electronic home helpers. | By Michael Franco, BobVila.com