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Nuclear weapons: Who has how many

The world, they say, is becoming a more dangerous place by the minute. With the nuclear weapons race adding to the alarming scenario, ever wonder just how what kind of nuclear arsenal exists the world over? But we'll get to that in just a minute. Meanwhile, India is all set to enter a select league of nations with missile capability to hit targets 5,000 km away as it gets ready to test Agni-V long-range, nuclear-capable, ballistic missile on Wednesday. Agni-V can strike deep into Asia and Europe, a move that will give access to New Delhi into a small club of nations with intercontinental defence capabilities. Only the permanent members of the U N Security Council - China, Russia, France, the United States and the United Kingdom - and Israel are believed to have such long-range missiles. The launch will be closely monitored by India's nuclear-armed rivals China and Pakistan and other Western nations, but is unlikely to draw the kind of criticism aimed at North Korea after its own failed long-range rocket launch. Now back to what we began with: just how many nuclear weapons do the nuclear powers across the world have, individually? Read on to find out...