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San Pablo lake

San Pablo City, located in the southern portion of Laguna province is nestled in the foothills of three mountains namely Mount Banahaw, Mount Makiling and the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is nicknamed the "City of Seven Lakes" because of the 7 crater lakes scattered around the city. These low-profile volcanic craters were formed by phreatomagmatic eruptions, an eruption where ground water comes in contact with hot magma pushing up near the Earth's surface. San Pablo City has a long history as far back as the pre-Spanish colonial period when it was officially declared as a town in 1647 by the Spanish governement. (Photo by Yen Baet)

Photographs that wow

Yen Baet, an award-winning Filipina photographer, has been named as among the Top 10 Travel photographers by the travel blog Thomson UKShe's named along with Steve McCurry, the NatGeo photographer who took the iconic Afghan girl photo.

Here are only some of Yen Baet's breathtaking images, taken just recently when she visited the Philippines.