What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung just took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean company's contender for the "World's Top Smartphone" title. Our first impressions? The handset is to Samsung as the iPhone 5s is to Apple; it's more of an evolution than a revolution.

We're a bit disappointed that in a time when the HTCs and Lenovos of the world can come up with completely redesigned phones that have better, all-metal hardware, the Samsung Galaxy S5 still looks the same as the S4, which is made of plastic. The competition in the smartphone market is fiercer than ever; the company has to give us another Galaxy S3.

Perhaps our expectations are too high. After all, Samsung is Samsung, the Korean giant that sold approximately 30 percent of all smartphones in the world in 2013. Perhaps the S5's fast performance (check out its benchmark score on AnTuTu in the slideshow. It's higher than the Galaxy Note 3's); great camera functionality; new security and health-tracking features; (what to us are) attractive color options; crisp 5.1-inch display; and IP67 dust- and water-resistant feature are enough to make the phone worth buying.

We'd love to spend more time with it. At least we only have to wait for a little over a month to do just that, as the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in the Philippines in April. Samsung hasn't revealed the price of the S5 yet, but it did say that only the 16GB variant will be initially sold in the country.

Get to know more about Samsung's latest in the gallery below. (By Alora Uy Guerrero)