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Memorable SONA lines

"I must remind you of an all-important fact: that what we have set out to do can be realized only through concerted action and unity. More than ever, we must think, plan, and work as one, with only one supreme goal in mind-the promotion of the welfare and happiness of our people." President Ramon Magsaysay, in his 1954 State of the Nation Address, talked of the need for national unity in the face of a deficit, ballooning debt, and "the creeping advance of Communism." "Perhaps you will say that the people are asking for a miracle. But they too performed no less than a miracle when in one great irresistible movement they dared every peril to preserve the right to have a government of their choice," he said, referring to the movement for Philippine independence.

The memorable SONA lines

Many presidents have delivered several State of the Nation Addresses. Interestingly, much of their long-ago delivered speeches are still very relevant to this day.

(Photos/ Data from Gov.ph; Getty Images, NPPA Images; Text by Jonathan de Santos)

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