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iFive Mini 3

The iFive Mini 3 has been designed to look like the iPad mini,
except for one obvious difference: The former is missing Apple's
iconic home button and instead makes use of software buttons. In fairness, the device has a decent build quality for a budget tablet.

This iFive Mini 3 tablet is an iPad mini clone

So you've probably seen Apple device clones running an iOS-like interface overlaid on top of Android and selling for cheap in the Philippines. Well, the iFive Mini 3 is another unapologetic Apple doppelganger, and as you may have gathered, it takes design cues from the iPad mini.

The iFive Mini 3 is already available in the Philippines, officially retailing at P8,999, almost half the price of the new iPad mini with Retina display, which starts at $399 (roughly P17,000) in the United States.

Click through the slideshow to find out more about this Android-based iPad mini dead ringer. (Thanks to Carlo Ople of Unbox.ph for the unit.)