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Ugliest Buildings

J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI HQ); Washington, D.C. This is reason alone to avoid the 10 Most Wanted list. Situated in the center of the city, this dreary 1970s behemoth is almost unavoidable. Its days may be numbered as discussions about the department's relocation are rumored to be swirling around the capital city.

Top 10 "ugly" buildings to visit

A recent opinion piece in the New York Times resurrected the age-old

debate about whether ugly buildings deserved preservation if deemed

historically important. While the staff and travelers at online travel

advisers Trippy.com (www.trippy.com) may be undecided on that issue,

they can certainly tell you which buildings they'd put on the list for

consideration. Here are their choices for the World's Top 10 Ugliest

Buildings. Reuters has not endorsed this list: