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Tranquebar: New Jerusalem Church

The New Jerusalem Church in Tranquebar was established in 1718 by Bartholomaus Ziegenbalg, the first Protestant Missionary and first Royal Missionary from Denmark to India. Ziegenbalg landed at Tranquebar, then a Danish colony, on July 9, 1706.

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Photo by Anand Yegnaswami/ The Green Ogre

Tranquebar - where time and tide dance in step

The lure of spices brought every European nation to India. Portugal, Holland, France, England -- they came one by one. Did you know that Denmark, too, was on that list? The little-known alcove of Tharangambadi, on Tamil Nadu's eastern coast, became Tranquebar to the Danish, who set up base there. One part of the Danes' mission was to evangelize the Protestant faith. Another was to colonize the island of Nicobar. Tharangambadi in Tamil means 'place of the dancing waves.' Today, time and tide dance in step among the ruins of Tranquebar.

ANAND YEGNASWAMI visited Tranquebar and returned with a slice of nearly forgotten history.