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Double Tropical Storms Flood Fields in Rural Taiwan

Parts of Taiwan’s south were flooded as Typhoon Nesat and Tropical Storm Haitang pummeled the island over the weekend of July 29. More than 131 people were injured and at least one person was missing, according to The China Post.

Typhoon Nesat made landfall first on Saturday, July 29, the Taipei Times reported. Tropical Storm Haitang made landfall the following day, and while it was originally categorized as a typhoon before weakening into a tropical depression, the storm still lashed eastern and southern Taiwan with torrential rain.

The arrival of Nesat and Haitang marked the first occasion since 1958 that Taiwan had been hit by two tropical storms within 24 hours.

This footage shows flooded fields in Taiwan’s rural Yulin County. The uploader said that the rain had turned everything into a “swimming pool.” Credit: Instagram/anna____________zizz via Storyful

Typhoon Pedring batters the Philippines

At least seven were killed and thousands of families were affected as typhoon Pedring whipped through several provinces and cities in the Philippines on Tuesday.