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In this March 30, 2014, photo, University of Florida neurobiologist Leonid Moroz works with mysterious sea creatures called comb jellies outside his unique floating laboratory, aboard a ship off the coast of Florida. Moroz is on a quest to decode the genomic blueprints of fragile marine life like these comb jellies in real time _ on board the ship where they were caught. (AP Photo/Lauran Neergaard)

Unique floating lab showcases aliens of the sea

Researcher Leonid Moroz emerges from a dive off the Florida Keys and gleefully displays a plastic bag holding a creature that shimmers like an opal in the seawater.

This translucent animal and its similarly strange cousins are food for science. They regrow with amazing speed if they get chopped up. Some even regenerate a rudimentary brain.

"Meet the aliens of the sea," the neurobiologist at the University of Florida says with a huge grin. They're headed for his unique floating laboratory. (AP)

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