Pia Wurtzbach says paternity issue didn't ruin her relationship

2 Jan – Pia Wurtzbach admitted that she and boyfriend Marlon Stockinger did not break up and patch things up again like most people thought, following news that the F1 racer has twin daughters with former girlfriend, Kit Barraquias.

As reported on PEP, the beauty queen who appeared on the Christmas Day airing of "Tonight with Boy Abunda" with Stockinger, shared that she never let him go as Stockinger has been a part of her life for a while now.

"I actually realised this for a while now. Marlon is first and foremost my best friend before he is my boyfriend. He knows me so well already," she said.

Wurtzbach said that it was an emotional time for her when she had to pass on her Miss Universe crown to successor Iris Mittanaere last year, move back to the Philippines and return to showbiz.

"He went through all of that. Of course, he had his challenges, I had mine. He was there and then he just never gave up on me. He never left," she said.

Wurtzbach stated that she never considered breaking up with Stockinger, even after the paternity issue made the news.

"I was strategic with our relationship. We would lay low and not post anything [on social media]. But it didn't mean we were on a break. People thought we broke up, but we were just taking a break from all the eyes and ears," she said.

(Photo Source: Marlon Stockinger Instagram)