Pia Wurtzbach urges Filipinos to be kind to sister, who had a ‘very traumatic experience’

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Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach has finally spoken up about the controversy surrounding her family, saying in an Instagram post yesterday that her sister Sarah Wurtzbach “had a very traumatic experience” and urged fans to treat the latter with kindness.

Pia posted a photo of her with Sarah, their mother Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall, and Sarah’s children and said in her caption that her family is “going through a very hurtful time.”

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“We are trying to resolve our family issues privately, and I ask for your support by not trying to put the blame on anyone and stop victim shaming,” Pia said.

She also asked fans to be “mindful” of the things they say about Sarah because the latter is “going through a rough period.”

“As a daughter and sister, it really pains me to see the people I love experiencing these [problems]. Please include us in your prayers so that our family can be healed. Amidst all these, let’s show love and concern to each other. Thank you very much,” the beauty queen said.

The Wurtzbach family drama became public last month when Sarah accused Pia of refusing to extend financial help. Sarah also said that she was raped and that their mother told her that she deserved to be sexually assaulted.

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A few days after posting her allegations, Sarah said that she and her sister had patched things up. However, she said on Instagram that she feels only “pure hatred” for Tyndall, whom she said was an “animal.”

“She solicited me when I was younger in exchange for money, then I got gang-raped and then raped again for the second time, and she told me I deserved it,” she told one of her followers on the social media platform.

Her mother released a video on her social media channel to deny Sarah’s accusation that she was a pimp. Tyndall said that her daughter’s traumatic experience occurred in the Philippines and insinuated that her friends committed the crime.

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