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Trucks that are resold after the first year

Americans love buying new vehicles, and they specifically seem to love buying pickups. For years, the top three best-selling vehicles have all been trucks, with the Ford F-Series consistently leading the way. But, as this study from iSeeCars.com indicates, the initial love story doesn't always last.

Some owners may have planned all along to only keep a new truck for a year. Some may have run into unexpected financial troubles, and others may simply have decided they didn't like the truck as much after a year as they thought the did at first. Regardless of the why, according to data that covers more than 46 million new car sales made between July 2013 and December 2018, about 3.9% of all new pickup truck buyers choose to get rid of the vehicle after a year or less of ownership. That's just a little bit higher than the 3.4% average of all new vehicles. Some models, though, tend to get traded in a lot quicker than others, and you may be interested to know that the top three results all come from the same Japanese manufacturer.

Another thing worth noting is that a savvy used-car shopper may be more likely to find these nearly new trucks at attractive prices with relatively low mileage than models that don't appear on the list.

Find out which trucks are most likely to be offloaded after a year of ownership by clicking on the image up above.

Pickup trucks most often resold after one year of ownership

These are the pickup trucks that owners are most likely to sell within one year of buying.