Pilot error blamed for gyro crash

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PILOT error may have been the culprit behind the fatal gyrocopter crash in Barangay Jampang, Argao on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 5, 2020.

Police Capt. Jeremie Shiella Gurtiza, Argao police chief, said Ferris Kauley, 64, may have lost control of his gyrocopter after one of its wheels was caught in a fence situated near the runway.

Gurtiza said based on their interview with his wife Marichu, Kauley was able to fly at around 500 meters just before he crashed.

Marichu told police that Kauley would often take routine flights with his gyrocopter around Argao town for at least an hour.

She said Kauley was a licensed gyrocopter pilot.

She had noticed that winds near the airfield close to the accident area were getting strong.

The wind, according to Gurtiza, forced Kauley’s gyrocopter to crash at an area near the airfield.

Kauley sustained several head injuries after colliding with trees when his gyrocopter crashed. Kauley died instantly.

Gurtiza said they are still looking into what happened now that they have witnesses. /AYB /JKV